Went to a TT race in Salinas. Was so sick. This was the national winner from last year (hence the number 1 plate). He took the purse in expert but is not, however, the current leader in overall points.

 As he crosses the finish line after a race plagued by 2 red flags and restarts before a first lap was completed.
 These racers get close ^
 and drift around almost the entire race.
 Very, close.
 The only right turn in the track, the previous left caused them to pull out the red flag due to a crash.
 Lots of bike dropping.

 Two red flags and restarts made some racers annoyed.

 I felt bad for this guy, his engine was so hot the bike refused to start for the 3rd restart.
 Thats the riders brother in the red desperately trying to turn the bike over
 They even had the staff trying to help this guy out.

 After everyone running it, and kicking it. The rider gave up and took off his goggles.
 His brother, however, didn't give up.
 and got the bike running again. The guy must have been so relieved.
 Some lucky photographers were able to shoot next to the track. They did get in my shots though... ^

 These were the two fighting for first in the Expert class, number twelve overtook number one at the very end but lost it and crashed.
 I love the fog that comes in from Santa Cruz.
fog fog fog

I know this happened a little while ago, but r.i.p Gerard Smith and (unrelated to my post) Tim Hetherington.

TV On The Radio - Will Do

TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me