Friday. Day 100!
Visited the catacombs and Louvre

walking around Paris


This greets you at the entrance to the catacombs.

along with
and all I could think about was Left for Dead.

my family.

a lot of long damp tunnels till you reach the actual catacombs.

there are even streets down here.

along with some interesting sculptures. Some were interesting. Others...

not so much.
The guy who sculpted these died during a cave in while trying to make his work accessible from the street above. Awesome.



Then there was a whole lotta bones. Only the area closest to the walkway is arranged. behind the nicely arranged stacks are unsorted heaps.

They even made shapes. This ones a heart :) <3

Me again. I am a tourist.


some even had graffiti on them. Cute right? 

as you walk away from the ossuary you can see where a number of cave-ins have occurred within the tunnel system. Thankfully they use cement to strengthen the ceilings now. Though the constantly dripping and running water is a bit unnerving. 

After leaving the catacombs we headed to the Louvre. 
typical tourist shot.


The inverted pyramid is large.

viewed from the bottom..

it also makes rainbows!

and kids love it.

The Louvre also has the coolest staircase/elevator that I have ever seen.

What to eat at the Louvre...
the choice was obvious.

I love Nike
and so do these people.

the Mona Lisa room was packed full of people.
Louvre security took away my backpack so all I had was my 12-24.

I thought this statue was pretty awesome.

Venus de Milo

Les Trois Graces

Captiv (Slave Rebelling) by Michelangelo. After taking a class on him, I decided I actually don't like any of his work. I just thought I did from always seeing it from a distance. 

Best hand expressions at the Louvre.

These guys had great imagination.

Me and my Dad, and some touch sensor alarms around us. 

HQ instagram looking shot. 

lol, awesome

lol, amazing

Everything always led back to Nike.

Now for some paintings.

I think the girl was trying to impersonate the Mona Lisa?

Even though its a normal sized painting. It takes up an entire wall to itself. Most people I know who have also seen this painting remark that its smaller than they thought. I would say its actually normal sized, its just that the Louvre is covered in enormous paintings that anything of normal proportions seem smaller than they really are. 
The Mona Lisa is probably the most crowded room in the Louvre.

This is 300. 
This painting is huge.
One of multiple copies the artist was commissioned to paint. I believe we saw another one in Versailles.

Some crowns.

There is also a lot of Egyptian work at the Louvre.

lol. i want one.

Momies de crocodiles

Momies de Chats


lol ugly.

best staircase/elevator I have ever seen.

lol Louis XIV

These guys poop on everything

A model shoot was happening right outside this cafe. 

You know a french family when the baby is playing with cigarettes. 

The cafe did have good hot chocolate. Basically just melted chocolate. :)

This schedule tells you when is a good time to eat at the hotel. Why sometimes the unhappy faces are yellow instead of red like the really unhappy faces, I will never know as we never ate here.


Dinner Time

Beef Tartar

Salmon Tartar

Really good crème brûlée

Some people are nice, and wave.

A statue in Republique. Right outside our hotel.

Stars - tonight