Today we saw the famous prehistoric cave drawings, carvings, and paintings. The depictions of wooly mammoths, horses, ibex, goats, wooly rhinos, and buffalo was astounding and in one cave drawn to life size. It was really spectacular. The two caves we toured were very different. One which was the only publicly viewable gallery with polychromatic painting left. Unregulated Visitors to the caves of old would heat up and add moisture to the environment with their prescence. slowly destroying the artwork. Now, that particular cave only allows 180 people per day. We had to leave bordeaux at like 6:30 to get there before nine for when they sell off the remaining tickets that they do not allow to be reserved. The other cave had trams that carry the visitors past drawings and paintings. One gallery room having the life sized horse and an amazing mammoth scene. In one spot the carvings coul only be viewed if lit from the side. Lit from the front they were completely invisible.
They did not allow photography within the cave. :/.
I also then saw a Vespa crash into a car. He was alright after receiving some med assistance it seems.