Woke up today in my car, with a really bad headache since I was locked out of my house last
Night. I cleaned up a bit and then Socorro dropped by. We were going to visit her cousins up north but their apartment had caught fire this morning. Luckily some woman passing by their apt alerted her cousins of the danger and woke them from their slumber. I hope they figure out what happened and to why their smoke alarms failed to activate. So instead of going to Palo Alto I tried to mail a letter to the IRS, but the office was closed and i had no stamps. So instead we grabbed some sushi and visited my sister, who funnily enough also failed to send a letter today, so I could shoot her new small products.


We went to Ici, and watched [I watched, socorro fell asleep] pirates of the carabean.

Raspberry ... something? and candied cacao nib. :D

Weekend with Socorro-0190

And then for dinner went to the Chez Panisse cafe which was better (imo)[and unfortunately more expensive] than (Thomas Keller's) Bouchon [Beverly hills location].

Weekend with Socorro-0246

Diane Birch - Valentino

and behind the scenes.